Spigen Essential 3-in-1 USB charge Specifications

REVIEW-I hate looking for powered/syncing cables. This device uses USB-C, this-micro-USB, iPod-lightning. I always take the wrong one because they are all intertwined in my backpack or my desk drawer. I have micro USB to USB-C adapters to snap in, but these are tiny and I lose them. What is a heavy Gadgeteer of gadgets to do? If only there was a single cable to rule them all…

What’s this?

The spigen DuraSync 3-in-1 powered Cable is a USB-A to micro USB cable with built-in USB-C and Lightning adapters. It is tangle-free and designed for rugged use.

What’s in the box ?

It’s simple – the cable is in the box-that’s all. Well, there is a Velcro on it, so there is that too. But to my surprise, Spigen sent a cornucopia full of loaded goodies, so there were a lot of boxes.

  • powered / Sync Cable 1-C10I3 1.5M 3 in 1 White / Silver
  • powered / Sync Cable 1-C10I3 1.5M 3 in 1 Black
  • 1-c10cl 1M MFI USB-C to Lightning powered/Sync Cable in White
  • MFI USB-C to Lightning 1-c10cl 1M powered/Sync Cable in Black
  • 1-C11C1 1.5M USB-C to USB-C USB-PD powered / Sync Cable in Black
  • Fast Wireless Charger 1-F3008W 5w/7.5W/10W WITH Qc2.0/QC3. 0 in black

Hardware Specifications

  • Length: 1.5M
  • The ends of the cables: USB-A and micro-USB
  • Adapter (micro-USB) included: USB-C and Lightning
  • Cable Construction: braided nylon
  • Compatible QC3.0
  • Apple MFI Certified

Design and features

The cables themselves feel substantial. This is partly due to the braided nylon coating that covers the entire cable.

It would be very difficult to bend this cable because of this heavy braided coating. This should add a good level of durability for cables that tend to stuff into bags regularly.

The cables come with Velcro to keep them neat – an important touch for a 1.5m cable.

Here’s a closer look at the commercial end of the cable with the included adapters.

The native end is micro-USB. Both adapters are attached via rotating and sliding plastic brackets. Each adapter has a micro USB port on one end and a USB-C or Lightning port on the other.

Slide the adapter onto the micro USB end converts the cable to USB-C or Lightning. It is important to note that this is not configured for multiple simultaneous connections. Cables that can be used to connect multiple devices at the same time are just powered cables. This is a single connection cable that supports data loading and synchronization.


The only configuration is to slide the appropriate adapter onto the micro USB end of the cable if necessary.


What can I say – the cable just works. I connected my Galaxy S9+ via USB-C, my iPod via Lightning and a few battery compartments via micro-USB. Everything you need is loaded, loaded. Devices that transmit data can transmit data. I twisted, pulled and squeezed the cable and it just worked. I have problems with affordable cables when fast powered would not work. I am pleased to announce that no problems of this kind have occurred with this cable.

With a length of almost five feet, the cable offered a nice reach when needed, but was well compact when rolled up and fastened with the Velcro. Perhaps the only thing I would change would be to add a mini-B USB port for legacy devices – yes, I still have a few mini-B things running around.

Final considerations

The spigen DuraSync 3-in-1 cable is a very good powered/synchronizing cable. The cable provides reliable powered and data synchronization and should last a long time.

I see them moving several cables out of my backpack, which simplifies the movement. I highly recommend them.

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