Review Of Wasserstein Aqua Dew Alexa Shower Speaker

REVIEWS – there is nothing like a warm shower to wash the problems of the day, or simply to relieve some pain if you do not have problems. What could improve this? Music, of course! Anything else? Of course, your former girlfriend, Alexa, is ready to fulfill your desires while you wash, rinse and repeat.

The new Aqua Dew shower speaker from Wasserstein with integrated Alexa wants to be your shower partner. Is Aqua Dew worthy enough to share your shower? Read on to find out.

What’s this?

Aqua Dew is a water-resistant Bluetooth and Wi-Fi speaker with Alexa function.

What’s in the box?

The Aqua Dew is well protected in a sturdy box. The box proudly proclaims that it is available “in four beautiful colors”, however, the icon on the left side of this statement indicates the number “3”. It is actually available in three colors, white (my sample), and black and dark blue.

  • Aqua Dew Speaker with strap and clip
  • Suction Cup Hanger
  • USB-A to micro USB powered cable
  • Manual

Design and features

The speaker is a solid, disc-shaped speaker with an integrated strap. Everything is monochrome with a shiny silver trim.

The front of the speaker has five buttons:

  • Keep current this will turn the device on and off. When it is turned on, a short press of a button switches between Bluetooth and Wi-Fi modes
  • Increase volume-increase volume
  • Volume Down-Volume Down
  • Mute turns off the Alexa microphone. When it is turned on, it indicates the state of charge of the battery.
  • WPS (ROUND middle button) – in Wi-Fi mode, with a pressure of three seconds, network coupling is started. A quick push accesses Alexa. In Bluetooth mode, the Bluetooth pairing is started with a pressure of three seconds.

There are two microphone openings on the left and right of the buttons.

Four LEDs under the buttons indicate the battery level in four steps.

The speaker openings are all located on the back of the speaker.

The strap has a chromed buckle that can hang on the included suction mount. The strap can also be unpacked as I started it on top and looped on a shower curtain rod.

Finally, at the bottom of the speaker is the rubber-coated Micro USB-powered port.

The included suction cup holder can stick to any smooth surface There is a rod with a recess designed to hold the buckle on the strap. The lever is used to tighten the suction cup to the surface.


Like most app-based gadgets, configuration starts with downloading the app from the Apple Store or Google Store.

Wi-Fi configuration is typical for a Wi-Fi device-you to connect to the device locally and then connect it to your Wi-Fi. Everything went perfectly. The Bluetooth pairing went just as smoothly. The Aqua Dew can be used as a Bluetooth speaker or as an Alexa Wi-Fi device/speaker, so I paired it both ways.

I loaded the Aqua Dew. After pressing the suction cup to the shower wall, I pushed the lever down and it stuck to the wall as if it were glued. I put the silver loop on the bracket and *boom – – It was installed.


To get started, you need to activate Aqua Dew. There I found my first complaint. To turn on the Aqua Dew, press and hold the power button for about three seconds. The LEDs begin to rotate clockwise, which indicates that it is turned on. This part is fine, but as you will see in the video below, it takes 45 seconds to turn on and join the network. This seems to me to be excessively long. Perhaps it is in this age of instant gratification that I am beginning to become impatient.

Once the speaker was turned on and connected to my Wi-Fi network. I was able to give Alexa commands. Everything worked like any of my Alexa devices. “Alexa, open bedroom blinds”, “Alexa, open trigger screen”, “Alexa, turn on the garden lights”, everything worked as expected. I also tried my flash briefing and it worked fine.

Music is a great attraction for this type of device. “Alexa, shuffle Garry’s playlist,” brought the music forward. In my ear, this speaker sounds GOOD, but that’s it, just OK. That was my second complaint. There is little or no bass, so the music is a little hail. The beauty of the Alexa feature is that all music commands can be issued once you’re in the shower. In Bluetooth mode, you need to start the music from your phone. While many phones are waterproof these days, most of us still don’t get them in the shower.

Final considerations

The Aqua Dew was a nice addition to the shower. My workflow was to turn on the Aqua Dew first and then the shower. When I had hot water, the Tau aqua was ready to entertain. With melodies in the shower was nice. Adding Alexa and being able to listen to my flash briefing or other messages was also a nice feature. Using the sleep timer to turn off the speaker after showering has certainly improved the experience of showering.

With fine-tuning and a slightly lower response, this could be a great speaker. Right now he’s doing a decent job and would have a place in my shower until he breaks like an egg.

After the fall, while it still works technically, it is certainly not waterproof. I could try to seal it with silicone waterproofing. If I do, I will not use the suction holder. I would buy a 3M control tape hook for Humid environments and hang the speaker on it.

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