Review Of Totallee Thin iPhone 11 Pro Max Cover

Review-how many people have I recently purchased the new iPhone 11 Pro Max and needed a cover to protect my new investment. I have recently become a fan of minimalist cover, I am quite careful with my phone and I do not like most protective cover. Totallee manufacturer of some of the thinnest minimalist cover sent me to test three of their new slim iPhone 11 Pro Max cover.

What is it?

Totallee Thin iPhone 11 Pro Max cover are ultra-thin and lightweight phone cover that protect against daily scratches and shocks.

Design and functions

First, the transparent thin cover iPhone 11 Pro Max. This cover is made of a transparent TPU and offers virtually invisible protection for your iPhone 11 Pro Max, which is incredibly thin (0.03″).

On the back of the cover is a cutout for the new 3-lens camera of the Pro Max with a “lip” of the camera lens that provides additional protection.

At the bottom are the usual cutouts for the Lightning connector and speakers.

The TPU that makes up the cover is flexible and feels rubbery. This provides very good grip and prevents the cover from slipping on smooth surfaces. The minimalist transparent design of the cover retains the original look of the iPhone 11 Pro Max.

Matte finish cover

Totallee sent me two of its cover mats, Matt clear and matt black. These cover are the thinnest (0.02″) and lightest (0.01 oz) Totallee makes. The cover fit almost like a second skin to the iPhone.

They have a cutout for the camera, with a raised lip for extra protection.

The matte surface offers a surprising amount of grip. I never felt my iPhone slipping out of my hand. There is no extra Mass with these cover, they offer everything you need in an iPhone cover and nothing you don’t.

I love how these two cover look like my 11 Pro Max. Semi-transparent frosted optics are the perfect complement to the phone design. And They are incredibly Thin.

Another great thing about Totallee cover is that there is nowhere boring branding.

All these cover are as minimalist as they come. They provide an extra grip and protect your iPhone from scratches and small bumps. If you are looking for a cover to protect your iPhone from drops, these are not the cover for you.

What I like

  • Thin and light
  • Minimalist design
  • No brand
  • Complements the design of the iPhone 11 Pro Max

What I would change

  • I can’t think of anything

Final Thoughts

I love minimalist iPhone cover and slim iPhone 11 Pro Max cover are fantastic. I like both the look and feel of the three cover. When it comes to minimalist cover for the iPhone, they do whatever it takes.

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