Broski Lety Headphones Review, Design And Functions

CROWDFUNDING REVIEW-Broski Lety headphones promise a Premium experience to compete with the leaders in the class but at a much more affordable price. A high goal indeed… and you know what? Despite some problems, they nailed it somehow. For The Review!

What is it?

These are lightweight headphones with noise-canceling and are sweat-resistant.

What’s in the box?

broski does a good job of including accessories in this Kit. Package includes:

  • A Hard Cover
  • A drawstring carrying bag
  • Headset
  • One 72″ AV cable
  • One USB to Micro USB powered cable 72″
  • One 2-pin overhead line plug adapter

Design and functions

The first thing you will notice about Broski Lety headphones is the packaging. These people have put together an excellent Kit that looks and feels first-class from the start. They have a molded hardcover so your treats don’t get crushed in your bag.

Unzip the Kit and You will find an additional Carrying Bag with several cards.

And these adapters are excellent. For me, it’s like a nylon sleeve on the cables, which is noble… and the powered cable and AV cable has a length of 72″! It’s a small detail that’s a big deal when you’re on the go or connected to your desk (or one of those hotel tables). There is also a bipolar Overhead Port adapter that you can connect during your flight.

The Premium feel matches the quality of the headphones themselves. The construction is super lightweight and comfortable, with soft leather cups and an identical leather headband. You also get a great ol’ indicator of which Cup goes on which ear.

The construction details are first class. While the materials are lightweight, they are important, and the length adjustments react with a satisfying “snick” when you adjust the headphones to fit the fit.

The cups themselves have multiple points of articulation to fit the size of the noggin you are currently wearing.

Your right earcup contains all your controls. The center button is used to play, pause, answer/end calls and enable Bluetooth connection. The right and left keys are used to adjust the volume and skip songs.

At the base of the right headset is the AV port and its active noise reduction function. The left Pod (not shown) is where you will find your powered port.

The entire construction weighs super lightweight 6.5 ounces and is sweat-resistant for use during training.

Bluetooth setup is a simple and straightforward matter. I’m not going to belabor with the details, because most devices like this use the same configuration for pairing and connecting. What I will tell you is that I had no problems connecting, disconnecting and switching between multiple devices.


Back in the day, my parents had a pair of these great Ol’lush headphones To listen to vinyl records on the record player. I remember how soft and deliciously comfortable these headphones were… like pillows for your ears. Get the picture? Broski Lety headphones feel like that. Just ridiculously plush and comfortable. But unlike old-school beasts, it’s surprisingly light and uncluttered for quality. Look! Headshot!

The page profile is really interesting. Check how you are kicked at a slight angle to fit your ear, but the headband alignment is vertical. They go very well, even on my strangely formed melon. I could wear them all day.

Of course, all this comfort does not matter if the sound is not so good. And I’m happy to report that the sound is generally excellent. The sound palette is excellent with deep and clear audio notes when listening to music or watching a video. But I noticed some variations when connected to Bluetooth. Connecting to my MacBook Pro, for example, gave quite unobtrusive sounds for Bluetooth connections, as opposed to using the AV jack (which was amazing). I also noticed that my iPad and iPhone XS MAX seemed to offer better coverage at higher volumes. This is not to say that the overall quality is not good, but there seem to be some differences that depend on my device.

Final Thoughts

As I said in The Intro, I think Broski is delivering on its promise of a first-class headset experience at an affordable price. These may be the most comfortable headphones I’ve tested so far, and I don’t see any of the issues I’ve experienced in my test report as a Deal Breaker. You absolutely will not go wrong here if you are looking for a versatile helmet for travel, commuting and the gym. You just need to go through this great ol’ logo placement.

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