BodyGuardz goes from smartphones to smart homes

NEWS-Panthervision’s FLATEYE flashlight has a flat shape that they claim to make it easier to grasp. You also do not have to worry that it will move away from you on a flat surface.

FLATEYE flashlights are available in versions with a range of lumens from 700 to 2175 lumens and are powered by AAA, AA, CR123A, CR123, or even USB batteries, depending on the model.

News-BodyGuardz, a popular brand of protection and screen housings for smartphones, is now expanding its product scope to the category of smart home devices with surveillance cameras and emergency Hub.

Your new portable 360º security camera is a battery-operated camera with a rechargeable battery and the ability to move it anywhere to keep an eye on what is important to you.

The powered cable and AC adapter are stored directly in the camera, which can work for up to 5 days for a fee.

With night vision, the ability to rotate 360 degrees, Two-way audio and a 90 dB siren, the 360º portable security camera will be available from January 2020.

Next comes the portable camera on the door that allows you to see and hear who is at your door without you seeing them.

DIYphobes do not need to be afraid, because this camera does not need special tools to install it, because it fits directly on the upper edge of the door. It is also wireless, so the camera does not need to be powered. Just load it and enjoy the convenience of checking your visitors for up to 2 months for a fee.

With two 135º field of view cameras that allow you to watch from a distance indoors and outdoors, the camera available in January 2020.

Last but not least is the 5-in-1 Portable emergency Hub. It is a device that connects directly to a power outlet and connects to local NOAA and other national weather alert services to provide critical alerts in your area.

The other 4 functions of the 5-in-1 hub include a night light, a flashlight, a built-in buffer battery that allows you to charge your other devices in an emergency and a panic button that emits a 90 decibel siren and also warns your loved ones that you are in an emergency. It will be available in early 2020.

Go to for all the details, then go back to the holidays to pre-order any of the smart home products.

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